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A Little Heart WARRIOR


On November 29, 2016 a heart Warrior was born. David Jeremy Santos is a true warrior who was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. HLHS is a rare congenital heart defect that requires a series of three open heart surgeries. David spent the first month of his life recovering from his first open heart surgery at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. There is no cure for HLHS but with advances in modern medicine there certainly is HOPE. The goal of all three operations will be to create a single-ventricle pumping heart. Since the left side of the heart was underdeveloped, the right side of the heart will become the main pumping chamber working together with the lungs to deliver oxygenated blood to the rest of the body.

The Santos family has made it their mission to spread awareness, fundraise, and educate family and friends about congenital heart defects. Working together with Makeup By DNA we have dedicated a specially designed color to our ‘WARRIOR.’ David is strong, courageous, and has inspired many people along his journey. Together we want to give back to the devoted doctors, nurses, and teams of professionals by donating a portion of the proceeds to The Congenital Heart Defect Coalition in honor of David Jeremy. This non-profit organization works to unite and support families affected by heart disease and also funds research to improve the quality of life for these children.

Your support means the world to this family of WARRIORS. Their journey has just begun, everyday presenting new challenges but their faith and support system has made the ride that much easier. Please follow The Journey of Our HLHS Warrior @heartsforbabysantos on Facebook. Here you will receive updates about David and his family. The second operation will be scheduled soon. The power of positive thoughts and prayers can make a world of difference.